Waste Management

KAFSIS specializes in waste management, starting from client consultation to anti-pollution services, such as collecting, transporting, sorting, storing, restoring, processing and recycling almost all types of waste into alternative energy sources. We offer a wide array of services that are adapted to each of our clients’ needs and budgets. All of our solutions are designed to make your operations safer, more sustainable and more efficient. Read More


Facility Management

KAFSIS’ engineers and technicians are specially trained to provide comprehensive solutions for the cleaning, waste management, energy saving, maintenance and securing of all your facilities. Our services will make your operations and equipment more efficient, economical, safer and eco-friendly. We ensure minimal disruption to your workplace and schedule all the while reducing your costs. Read More


Green Energy

As our energy usage increase, so does our need for clean and green power sources. Thanks to our unique waste processing plants, we transform garbage into biofuels, biogas and cleaner alternative fuels. These can be used as a sustainable power source or can serve to produce other forms of energy, such as electricity. KAFSIS’ operations are powered exclusively by green energies. Read More


Cleaning Services

Thanks to our specialized equipment, experienced technicians and unique facilities, KAFSIS offers a wide range of cleaning services, such as industrial, facility, sea and beach cleaning. In each case, we work with our clients to design a solution that will make their installations a cleaner, safer and more efficient and eco-friendly place. Read More


Oil & Fats

Our company has a proven leading position in the market, offering integrated services for the management of animal and vegetable by-products, waste, fats and oils to producers regardless of their size and the geographical area where they operate. We undertake and successfully implement large animal and plant by-product management projects as well as the study, supply and total management of certified fat collectors, maintaining important contracts with both the private and public sectors. Read More


Our Fleet

KAFSIS employs a fleet of specialized waste management vehicles that allow us to safely and quickly transport your waste for processing and recycling. Our unique fleet was developed using state of the art technology in order to surpass any requirements set by both the private and public sector regarding the secure and timely transportation of all waste products. Read More


Our Facilities

Our processing plants situated across Greece allow us to transform raw materials originating from agricultural and food waste, manure and plant material into green and renewable energy. KAFSIS leads by example: not only do our facilities produce sustainable energy, but they also use renewable resources to power our day-to-day operations. Read More


Our Workforce

KAFSIS prides itself in being an employer of choice. Our company is constantly investing in its workforce, making sure that our employees receive the latest training, knowledge and experience. In order to attract and retain the best minds in the waste management industry, we offer competitive wages, benefits and working conditions to all of our employees. Read More